Aside from the regular pooling of security guards as our foremost offered services, we also cater to other security related ancillary services and criminalistic job closely coordinated with the PNP Crime Laboratory, via:

Ancillary Services

  • Security Consultancy
  • Security Escorts
  • Security Survey & Planning
  • Surveillance
  • Confidential Investigation
  • Credit Investigation
  • House Detectives
  • Private Investigation
  • Janitorial Services

 Criminalistic Services

  •  Dactyloscopy (Lifting & Identification of Fingerprint)
  • Polygraph Testing (Lie Detector Test)
  • Ballistic Examination
  • Illegal Drug Identification

All Security Officers and Security Guards of our agency have undergone security training and development program on the following:

General Subjects

  • History and Philosophy of Security Profession
  • Phil. Criminal Justice System
  • Organization, Mission and Function of the PNP
  • Introduction to RA 5487 (The Private Security Agency Law)
  • First Aid Techniques, Rescues and Evacuation

Legal Aspects of Security

  • Legal Authority, Responsibility and Jurisdiction of Guards
  • Principles of Search and Seizures of Persons, Objects, & Premises

Physical Security and Safety System

  • Protection of Assets
  • Communication and Protective Alarm System
  • Duties in the Event of Emergencies, Alerts and Disasters

Community Relations

  • Professional Conduct
  • Personal Appearance, Care of Uniform and Equipment
  • Human Relations and Psychology
  • Responsibility Towards Community Crime Prevention
  • Political Science

Disciplinary Training

Weapons Training

  • Familiarization, Care and Safe Handling of Weapons
  • Marksmanship Training
  • Enemy Agaw-armas Training

Unarmed Defense

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Self-defense Techniques